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Why You Need to Print Edible Decorations to Food?

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Printing edible image on cakes and pastries with personalized themes are quite popular these days. More and more, cake enthusiasts prefer the ready-made cake toppings to decorate their birthday cake in no time. Cake toppings are really Fantastic. Why do you need to print edible decorations on food? We eat with our eyes! Next to their taste, our favorite baked creations need to be visually appetizing. There's nothing more appealing than freshly layered cartoon themed topping on cupcake, or your birthday cake. It really finishes off your baked treats and gives them a delicious and decadent twist.

Maybe you think that the non-edible cake decoration could cause you serious health problem, BUT, it's safe to print edible image via Foodart® food printer and Inkcare® edible ink. The food colors are derived and extracted from plant sources. They do not contain any harmful chemicals and additives to display a colorful affair, whilst affecting your gut and health. It's completely safe, natural and blended with organic ingredients. You kids can too enjoy the delectable flavor and colors. The printheads of Foodart® food printers are all food-grade, and not harmful to edible ink.

The edible printing technology for edible decorating is safe and efficient. It's a perfect combination of food safety and art.


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