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A2 Flatbed Food Printer

The A2 is a large-format flatbed food printer that can adapt to 24-hour production mode, meet the mass production needs of bakery stores and food processing companies, to realize food’s personalized customization. The printer can print many flat, curve and 3D surface foods, so the machine is multi-purpose. The edible printed decoration makes food looks more delicated and help to increase the sales. 

1. Independent and new R & D designs make the machine to be in line with the requirements of food printing;
2. Powerful print-head has stable performance, high efficiency and durability;
3. Bidirectional mode full-page printing takes only 120s, and mass production is possible;
4. Independent printing software makes typesetting and printing more convenient;
5. Infrared sensor system can automatically adjust food height;
6. Wide range of food choices: flat, curved, and special-shaped food can be printed
7. Widely used in macarons, pastries, pies, bread, marshmallows, etc.
  • Industrial printheads are used to ensure high-definition and stable printing effect
  • The maximum food height 15cm is accepted, which can satisfy the requirements of the majority of food to be printed edible images to decorate
  • The edible ink is safe to be directly printed on food surfaces and eaten, and it meets FDA, ISO22000, Kosher and other authoritative certificate standards
  • The height adjustment and height limit are automatically controlled, and the operation is easy
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