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  • Media coverage by Yangcheng Evening News on the 134th Canton Fair
    As the 134th Canton Fair is in full swing, our company’s food printing solutions were introduced by Yangcheng Evening News, a renowned Guangdong local media in an interview. Later, the interview video was also on the China’s most renowned and authoritative CCTV news.
  • Together with the most authoritative media in China, we focus on food printing ink to create creative food
    Edible ink can be printed on pastry, ice cream, cotton candy and other food surface, can print creative patterns, all ingredients can be edible, after printing can be eaten together with food, safe and healthy, is to help you complete the food creativity, provide you with an important tool for custo
  • Looking for a desktop edible printer machine? Check the A4 Edible Printer Machine
    A4 flatbed food printer is a cost-efficient edible printer for cake, ice cream, marshmallow and pastries. The machine adopts Y/K/LC/LM/M/C 6 colors ink system. Its maximum print-definition reaches 5760*1440dpi and the printing effect is fantastic. The max. height of food can reach 15cm.
  • Foodprinttech's High Speed Food Printer Print Fun Pastries to Provide Printing Solutions for Factories
    The high-speed food printer(FP-542-B) of Food Printing Technology has many advantages in printing patterns on pastries, which can help pastry manufacturers to open up a new sales channel. For example, pastries printed with patterns can be sold to coffee shops, making coffee companions and providing novel experiences to coffee consumers. Patterned pastry can also be individually packaged for gift boxes for gifts, etc.; You can also print scenic spot patterns, hand gifts and so on.
  • Dragon Boat Festival | "reed" enjoy warmth, food printing technology holiday gifts warm and go heart
    In the hot summer season, it can also bring a little cool. We hope that through this fruit gift, we can convey the concern for health to every employee, so that you can pay attention to your health in the busy work. We hope that you can enjoy this little surprise and feel the company's love and care for "family". Let's spend a happy and warm Dragon Boat Festival together. More importantly, we hope to pass on this health and warmth, share it with family and friends, and pass on this emotion.
  • Meet Your Requirement of Mass Production by Flatbed Food Printer Machine
    If you want to gain more advantages in the food industry, high-efficiency mass production and high-quality printing results must be very important. I have to mention our A2 flatbed food printer, which can produce food continuously for 24 hours, and can fully realize your customized printing pattern needs to help you enhance your brand impression. It is a kind of desktop machine, with a small footprint, can be perfectly suitable for your production environment.
  • Drink topper, a secret weapon to help tea drinking companies sell up
    The creativity and diversity of Wuhan Hescare Biotechnology are all based on sustainable development and food safety. The beverage drink topper we launched provide a new track for various tea light food enterprises to optimize product iteration and increase sales: the collision of beverage drink topper and drinks can satisfy consumers' infinite imagination of drinks and stimulate purchasing behavior.
  • Children's Day | Wuhan Printing Technology Sends Holiday Exclusive Benefits
    On the occasion of the "61" Children's Day approaching, Wuhan Printing Technology especially for the children of workers to send holiday blessings, and carefully selected high-quality cooperative customer gift Daoxiangcun rabbit cake as the exclusive gift of the festival. We sincerely hope that every employee's family can grow up healthily and live a happy life.
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