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WiFi Color Coffee Printer HY3525

Foodart® Coffee Latte Printer HY3525 is basic model of coffee printer. It can be upload images by WiFi connection. Shop staffs or customers can scan the QR code and upload pictures by WiFi connection, and press a button. It just takes 10-30 seconds to get a cup of special coffee, which the coffee latte art is hard to made by craft. Not only can print coffee latte, it also can be printed on cupcakes, cookies, macarons, etc. The edible ink adopt food-grade raw materials and meet FDA, ISO22000, Kosher and Halal standards, which is safe to humanbody.

1. Automatically make coffee latte by the printer machine, no need skilled coffee latte designer any more, which is less cost for cafe;
2. The edible images of coffee latte can be complicated and colorful which people hard to do it.
3. Fast speed reaches 10-40 seconds;
4. The Edible ink can be directly printed onto food surfaces and eaten;
5. Widely used to coffees, cakes, pastries, cookies, beer, milkshake, bread, milktea, etc;
6. Monochrome printing model.
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