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Single-pass Industrial Flatbed Food Printer

Foodart® Single-pass Industrial Flatbed Food Printer supports CMYK color or single-color printing models, and fastly prints edible graphics or logos in bulk to decorate food. It is suitable for multi-row, multi-line food production line printing and tray type production mode. It can fastly print edible logos or edible images on food to decorate. The color of edible ink can be customized, and it meets FDA, ISO22000, Kosher and halal certification requirements, and the printed patterns can be eaten directly. Your food products will become interesting and personzalized.

1. Support customization of printing platform or grafting on a production line;
2. External trigger, single-pass fast printing, and strong durability;
3. Max printing speed reaches 75m/min;
4. Variable data printing supports 12 pictures switching online;
5. High-efficient and durable: Meet requirements of 24/7 working model;
6. Applied to print all kinds of food with slightly flat surface.
  • Single-pass wide format

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