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Wuhan Food Printing Technology Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: Foodprinttech) is a well-known food printing machine manufacturer in China. The company is committed to the R&D, production and sales of Foodart® brand High-speed Food Printers, Flatbed Food Printers and consumables (such as edible ink). With an efficient R&D team and leading production capacity, the company developed the first high-speed food inkjet printer in China in 2018, which solved the problem that the food industry must rely on manual DIY for the production of customized fine food, and realized the food edible graphics or text decorations can be automated and mass-printed, and its matching edible ink is safe and meets edible standards. The edible printing technology is a perfect combination of food product safety and individuality.
Food contact safety certification of equipment
Safety certification of edible consumables
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CQC certification
FDA registration certificate
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ISO22000 certification
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CE safety certification
CQC certification
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