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New Flatbed Food Printer FP-A2 is on The Market, What's the Advantages?

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Foodart® A2 Flatbed Food Printer is a small and medium-sized desktop food printer that can continuously produce 24-hours working mode.

Being able to provide customers with personalized customization services has become a major advantage for the food industry to obtain orders. If you want to mass produce, but do not want to invest too much money, this A2 Flatbed Food Printer is for you.

Applicable foods: macarons, pastries, cupcakes, cakes, biscuits, marshmallows, toast bread, tablet candies, dorayaki, frosted biscuits, etc.;


Product advantages:

  • Compared with assembly line high-speed printing equipment, the price is lower, and it is more suitable for small food processing factories, bakery stores, chain stores, etc.;

  • Compared with other small and medium-sized desktop food printers, it can be produced in 24 hours to meet the needs of batch printing;

  • Small footprint, fast printing speed, and customizable trays to match your production environment;

  • Independent printing software and easy operation;

  • Long service life and convenient maintenance;

  • Supporting research and development of edible ink, the printed food is safe and healthy and can be eaten directly;

Applicable customer types: food production and processing OEM/ODM enterprises, bakery stores, cake stores, innovative food brand enterprises. 

The customize service is supported to meet customers' different requirements. The types of food that can be printed are not limited, such as flat, curved surface, 3D surface, special-shaped customized food can be printed with precise positioning. Food can be printed with edible portrait photos, personalized slogans, emoticons, etc., for decorating, which helps food manufacturers create new products. 

The new products are listed, welcome to sample proofing, on-site inspection.

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