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How to Print the Ice Cream with Creative Ideas through the High-Speed Food Printer?

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The purpose of innovation: let the product to marketing by itself

Change of consumer demand characteristics: personalized, customized, and cute appearance;

The change of enterprise management direction: build the brand, update the packaging, and make the product story-like.

Printing customized ice cream, so that each ice cream has a different appearance and unique connotation, to help your enterprise to stand out in the serious homogenization of the competition.

Technical principle:

Food edible printing technology: High-speed food printer + natural edible ink

Picture 1

1. Making themed high-end products becomes simple, such as Minions series, One Piece series can help you target fans and consumers;

2. Holiday elements make your product different;

3. Meet personalized customization, high-end gifts and other consumer needs;

4. Edible LOGO printing on their ice cream become special.

Application device

DIY food printing technology, let food innovation have unlimited possibilities, subvert the ice cream industry aesthetic pattern. A variety of models meet different types of customer needs.

Picture 2

Model: High-speed Food Printer FP-511-B

Picture 3

Model: High-speed Food Printer FP-542-B

Applications: Make your product different

1. Brand logo

When most enterprises strive for market share, they first think of brand upgrading, build their own brand IP, and even invest a lot of marketing costs. But how to realize the brand value, we need to combine the brand and the product, edible printing can achieve it.

Picture 4

1. Text series

Special products attract special people. Young people like a variety of network words, emojis, and zodiac signs and so on. These are good ideas, to make the product become lively, like your netizens.

Picture 5

3. Film and television stars

Fans are a strong group, they will definitely like the special star co-branded ice cream, you can do fan activities, and Film and television Producer activies for fan consumption.

Picture 6

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