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How do food printers applied to chocolate? Chocolate film can achieve mass printing

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We have a colorful pattern with colorful patterns in the cake shop or chocolate shop, most of which use edible chocolate transfer paper, and cannot print the food printer, mainly because of chocolate and candy and other foods smooth, use Edible ink print pattern, slow dry, rubbing is easy to blur, then how to solve it?

The edible spray film, also known chocolate film, sprayed in a chocolate surface to form a thin protective layer, effectively block the food smooth surface, the underlying pattern, so that the food has pronability; and spraying in the food surface transparent, Does not affect the original color of the food.

Picture 1


● Widely used in chocolate, candy printing before printing;

● Pure food, with kindness;

● Color is transparent yellow, customized white;

● Operation can be handled manually or on the production line;

Method of use of chocolate membrane:

Picture 2

Picture 3

Chocolate Print Case:

It is widely used in chocolate, candy, chocolate, etc., so that it has printable, achieving color pattern printing.

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