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You Can't Miss the Poweful Updated Customization Versions of High-speed Food Printer

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After cooperation with many large food manufacturers in global, the Foodart® High-speed Industrial Food Printer also continuously upgrades. It also can be customized according to customers's special food production lines. Here are two new customized versions worthy to be greatly recommended to all of you.

1. The customized models that support irregular sorting and printing

Biscuit factories are mainly divided into three types: fully automatic, semi-automatic and process production. If your biscuits are irregular in shape, such as heart-shaped biscuits, gingerbread cookies, flower-shaped biscuits, etc., and your factory is not fully automatic, it is difficult for your biscuits to be neatly arranged on the conveyor belt in the same direction, And this is not good for the food printer printing edible images in the designated positions of the biscuits. That will break the artistic sense of the food.

Almost all food printers no matter whether the machine is small or large, need tidily place the food in fixed position and direction, so normal food printers just can meet small part of cookie factories.

But now, it won't be a matter, because the customized model of High-speed Food Printer that support irregular sorting and printing is out! 


Regular version VS. Customized version


Special-shaped customized cookies are more interesting and attractive than the normal shape. And the irregular shaped cookies need the customized version of FP-542-B to precisely locate


The customized version of FP-542-B can scan the shape and direction of irregularrly sorted cookies and print accuratly the target area. That is the essential highlight for not full-automatic food producing lines.


The customized version FP-542-B can adapy various production line requirements. Time is money, so the simple and professional food printing solution will help you boost your business.


High-speed Food Printer FP-542-B can be used to all kinds of food, such as cookies, candies, ice cream, cakes, pastries, pies, chocolates, etc.

2. Customized widened print-head

Many cakes, pastries, and macarons are usually processed tray-by-tray on production line. The customized widened version of High-speed Industrial Food Printer, specially designed for tray bakery production line, can efficiently print edible images tray-by-tray.


Standard version Vs. Widened version

The food loaded on trays can be efficiently printed, and easily done the same series of interesting words or images.

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