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Uncover the Secrets of Several Digital Cake Printers in the Baking Industry!

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Due to its delicious, rich variety, pastries are suitable for all old and young, and the industry develops rapidly, but there is no breakthrough in the beautiful shape. Most cakes are mostly white and pure color, and few of them have patterns, and the homogenization competition in the market is serious.

FOODPRINTTEH is an technology enterprise commited to research and development, production and sales of high-speed food printing equipment, for the food industry to provide edible graphic printing solutions of food online production. The machine can print surfaces of cakes, macarons, biscuits, bread slices, cakes, beef pies, etc. Its printing image is high-definition, replacing the traditional complex overprinting process, and using intelligent operation. It is simple operation, multi-purpose one machine and high-speed printing, which can meet the needs of industrial production.

In the solidified aesthetic of pastry, bring some colorful food patterns to make the product more personalized and interesting.

  • Printed enterprise logo, to promote the brand concept;

  • Cartoon figures printing, to create a fan economy;

  • Festival blessings, high-end gifts and other customized services, to stimulate consumer demands;

  • Printing of emojis or themed activities, to help customers to achieve marketing  building;

  • Exclusive customization for company branding.

Food printing machines:

Scheme 1: High-speed food printer, applied in the food production line, suitable for the mass production of breads, cakes, cookies, etc.;

Picture 1)

Picture (2)

Scheme 2: A2 / A3 + / A4 Flatbed Food Printer, suitable for small batch biscuit / pastry printing, can be applied to customized macarons, toast, edible paper and other food;

Picture (3)

Picture (4)


Picture (5)

Picture (6)

Picture (7)

Picture (8)

Picture (9)

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