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Mass-producing Creative Edible Image Chocolate is No Longer Just A Dream

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It is well known in the industry that chocolate has a smooth surface, thus, the ink cannot be dried, the pattern cannot be attached, and it is easy to be blurred by rubbing when edible ink is used. Therefore, the traditional chocolate printing mainly adopts pad printing or transfer printing, but these methods are often single in color and monotonous in pattern, resulting in low grade of products.

In order to break through the barrier of chocolate printing technology, we developed a chocolate coating agent, which can be sprayed on the surface of food, making food printable, so as to give food personality, colorful patterns. It is widely applied to products with smooth surface or products unable to adsorb edible ink, such as chocolate, hard candy, etc. It solves the problem that food cannot be printed and provides a powerful innovation tool for food production and sales enterprises.

Chocoprint coating agent:


Chocolate printing solutions for different output amount requirement:



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