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Mahjong pastries

Can you eat mahjong pastry, can you use to play mahjong, so too interesting, how is it produced?

The national game, mahjong's image has been deeply rooted, and the market has long had a mahjong pattern, selling is hot, and even exporting foreign trade has obtained a lot of profits. Because of its technical barrier market, there are fewer companies that can produce our research and development, there are already a variety of equipment to produce mahjong pastries, such as high-speed food printers, maximum line speed 75 meters per minute, suitable for single product output The production of pipelines, the daily production can reach 480,000, meet the demand for mass production.

If it is less yield, it is only used for holiday promotions, customer custom needs, can be completed with desktop food printers, especially FP-B0 + vertical food printers, pastries can be printed with the bottom trapping, one print multi-row, The patterns have a variety of effects, high yield, suitable for small and medium-sized food production and processing enterprises.

Of course, consumers don't have to worry about food safety. We use edible ink, which is developed, fully certified, safe and healthy, compliance with laws and regulations, and the colors and pastries can be eaten together and safe and healthy. Let's take a look at how to make a box.

Mahjong pastries (3)

Mahjong pastries (7)

Mahjong pastries

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