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With the food printer to print the image of the Westward Journey, the storyline prints in the food surface, combined with beautiful gift boxes, combining literary and food, will will bring huge economic benefits to food companies.

The Journey to the West is the cultural and treasure of the Chinese nation, telling the story of Sun Wukong, pig eightfits, and Saji to serve Tang Xi Tiancheng. Has been adapted by many film and television dramas, deeply affected by the audience, and the interpretation of the scenic spot, IP, etc., bring a lot of benefits for users.

This Journey to the West, the avatar of Sun Wukong, Pig Eight Rings, Sand, Tang Yan in the past, can distinguish other pastries in the market, bring more story to the product itself, improve the premium space of the product, can be sold in the scenic spot As a gift, it can also be used as food brand enterprises to do product innovation, do a wave of marketing, enhance brand awareness; food with cultural characteristics is also more beneficial to export, bringing considerable benefits to food production enterprises.







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