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Using a food printer, print the topic on the biscuit, let consumers guess. Do you know the pattern on the biscuits, can you construct something idiom?

The middle and high-end products of the biscuits are occupied by foreign brands, and the domestic cookies manufacturers lack innovative abilities. They have never been transcended, always walk with big brands. How do they do what we do, lack of core competitiveness. The food printer is a creative production tool that can help domestic cookies companies surpass foreign brands in product innovation, gain more market share. How to use the food printer to do creativity, it is actually a simple question, as long as there is an attractive topic.

What is the topic of an attractive topic, such as the squid game of the full network, there is a buckle of sugar cakes, cookies manufacturers should notice, even blowing the production wave, this is a good topic brought benefit. But the topic is short, and after the wind is trend, is there a newly purchased machine? Topics is necessary, always able to generate topics, make topics themselves, is the king. And the food printer is used in a machine, and only the inspiration can help you.

For example, this game biscuit, crazy enough, fun, attract consumers' outsourcing, the product is more interactive to guess the title, let the cookies become a pleasure.

You can also make math questions, fill the problem, etc. Good product benefits and brand benefits.


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