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Foodprinttech | Food Printers and Edible Ink have Passed 10+ Security Certifications!

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If without a safe license, do you dare to use it? The circulation of food is the circulation of all kinds of safety certification

Foodprinttech focuses on the production and development of food printing equipment and consumables, is a professional manufacturer, from equipment to consumables after 15+ years of business accumulation, has passed more than 10 safety certifications.

In the field of food printing equipment, awarded CQC, CE, appearance patent certification and other cerfiticates. We have always maintained a step ahead in the field of food digital printing solutions in China.

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High-speed food printer

Edible ink has obtained food Safety Production License, IS022000, FDA, Kosher, HALAL, MSDS, SGS, third-party testing reports, etc., eliminating the concerns of brand and personalized food decoration customers for food safety.

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Edible ink

Why do customers choose us? To sum up, there are three reasons:

1. Professional: In the field of equipment, there is not a professional manufacturer of food printers in China,but we have done it. We're putting all our energy into making this technology the best it can be. We send machine independent research and development, become the object of domestic emulation. But they can only imitate the shape, the real core technology is still in our hands. Our starting time in 2003, in the domestic to achieve 0 breakthrough, production research and development sales strength;

2. Comprehensive: While the industry imitators are still stuck in the idea of selling one product and making one profit, disrupting market prices with inferior products and preparing to leave away, we are charged with promoting food printing applications. We offer customer is more than just a set of equipment and software, but at the same time, it is guiding consumers' ideas, and provide producers on the ideas of the combination with food and printing. Let customers to use the product, thereby giving impetus to the development of the whole industry chain, to become a trend, and let the imitator industry has a place.

3. Safe and reliable: We actively participate in and implement the certification system, on the one hand is to protect our own intellectual property rights, on the other hand is derived from customer demand. To ensure that customers have evidence-based materials in the production process, and have guarantee and confidence in product circulation and consumer food safety, so as long as customers have needs, we will do everything we need in our product certification, based on safety and use strength to speak, To be your reliable cooperative supplier.

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Choosing to work with uncertified suppliers is a recipe for disaster;

Choose us, is to choose the professional and reliable double guarantee.

Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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