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Do You Know the Edible Printer for Sausage Casing, Tea bags and Roll Film Food Packages?

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The principle of plastic casing printing is needless to say. Because plastic casing is not edible, it is peeled off when people eating it, there is almost no requirements for ink and equipment in outer packaging printing, and environmental protection ink or industrial ink are sufficient for paint.

However, there are a lot of sausages that are eaten without being peeled, such as Qinqin sausages, hot dogs, etc. that can be directly fried or boiled in hot pot The thin transparent film is collagen casing, which is edible, and the painting on the surface of this kind of collagen casing is very different.

New casing surface graphic printing solution: Foodart® High-speed sausage casing printing machine (also named as High-speed roll film food printer) + Inkcare® Edible ink casing printing ink

High-speed sausage casing printing machine


It solves the problem of color printing on rolling film surface in the food field, and the multi-color accurate overprinting is fast, and is widely used in sausage casings and tea bags, etc. The supporting safe and edible ink creates product differentiation and personalization, conductive to enhance the competitiveness of food production enterprises.

Equipment characteristics:

  • Three-color, double-sided printing (two colors on one side and one color on the other side);

  • Mass production, high-speed printing up to 60 m/min;

  • Support accurate overprinting of 1000 m long and 150mm wide in maximum;

  • Suitable for printing on casings, tea bags, nylon tape, ribbon, cotton tape, braid, adhesive sticker and roll paper and other tapes


Supporting casing printing ink:


1. It is matched with custom flexography printer, can achieve mechanized mass production, with good ink printing transfer performance and stability, and high production efficiency;

2. It uses edible alcohol dilutions that is cheap and environmentally friendly;

3. It has good printing effect: bright color, clear printing characters, strong coloring ability, good adhesion;

4. It has black, white, red, coffee color, applicable for red / white casings;

5. It is resistant to high temperature and cooking, resistant to water and oil, and the ingredients are edible, safe and healthy;

Safety Certifications:


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