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Chocoprint Coating Agent, Batch Printing Edible Patterns on Chocolate

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What we see in stores or chocolate cake shop chocolate with a color pattern, is mostly made of edible chocolate transfer paper, which printer can't print. The main reason is that foods such as chocolate and hard candy surface is smooth, and the printed edible ink dry slowly, so how to solve?

Edible Coating Agent, also known as Chocoprint Coating Agent, sprayed on the surface of chocolate to form a thin layer, and make food printable; The agent is transparent yellow, which does not affect the original color of food.

Product features:

● Widely used in chocolate, candy before printing;

● Edible and safe;

● The color is transparent yellow, and it can be customized to white;

● Can be operated manually or on the production line, which is simple to use;

Usage of Chocolate coating agent:

Applications of Chocolates:

chocoprnt coating agent_06

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