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Best 3 Types of Macaron Printing Machine

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Many bakeries want to decorate their macarons, but it is well known that the manual decoration is low efficiency. So the edible ink printer is get hotter and hotter in bakeries and food factories area. Here is a guide for choosing best 3 macaron printing machines.

  1. High-speed Food Printer FP-542

The Foodart® high-speed food printer FP-542 is specially designed for large food manufacturer. It is grafted onto the production line and quickly print the different edible images on the moving foods. The machine can be customed to satisfy the requirements of various production lines. 


Here are the advanced highlights:

  • The machine is not only used in single-pass tunnel, it also can be customized to apply in multi-row production tunnel;

  • Durability: Support the 24(hours)×7(days) working mode

  • Support full-color CMYK printing

  • The maximum speed up to 75meter/min

  • Automactically recognize the placement direction of irregular shaped foods and intelligently adjust the angle of the printing image to guarantee the image is printed on the right place of food surfaces

  • Widely food choices: it is able to print food with 3D surfaces or uneven surfaces. The acceptable height distance on food surface can reaches 8mm. 

  • CE and CQC certified

  • The height of print head can be easily adjusted

  • The core elements to contact food are all food-grade, which guarantee the food safety

  • Apply to print cookies, ice creams, pastries, candies, bread, cakes, macarons, and so on.

2. Wide-format Flatbed Food Printer

The Foodart® wide-format flatbed food printer is designed for chain bakeries, shops and creative food companies. Its produce output is medium scale, and it is flexible change different printing themes.


The following are the advantages:

  • The print area is up to 2630mm×1420mm×1250mm

  • High definition: the image can reach 720*1440dpi when the speed is 11㎡/h

  • User-friendly designs and easy operations

  • Apply to print cookies, ice creams, pastries, candies, bread, cakes, macarons, and so on.

3. A2 Flatbed Food Printer

The Foodart® A2 Flatbed Food Printer is designed for small bakeries, shops, and cafe. It is suitable to produce not much custom-theme foods according to different customers' requirements. The printing plate is automatically adjusted, so it is easy to change a batch of different food when prints different theme images. That is very suitable for small bakery stores to custom small scale food for various customer.


Main features:

  • Stable performance, high efficiency and durability

  • Printing range: 420×600mm

  • Bidirectional mode full-page printing takes only 120s, and mass production is possible

  • The maximum thickness of food can reach 15 cm

  • Wide range of food choices: flat, curved, and special-shaped food can be printed

  • Widely used in macarons, pastries, pies, bread, marshmallows, etc.

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