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Craftsmanship Creates Excellent Quality

Date: 2018-12-21
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Craftsmanship Creates Excellent Quality

In 2010, personalized food printing was widely used in Europe and Japan, and the printing market became more and more segmented. China's first online food printer, developed by FOOD PRINTING™, is already in production. What's amazing about this device?

FOOD PRINTING™, committed to food printing equipment research and development and technical innovation, has a professional R&D team, in the spirit of ingenuity, to create fine printing equipment. The most important sprinkler head of the printing equipment is the food-grade sprinkler head, whose amazing performance enables customers to enjoy efficient printing; This product adopts all-steel structure nozzle, its minimum drop ink 7pl, which has higher printing accuracy, strong abrasion resistance, and smooth printing. And it also meets the requirements of color density of the picture, to ensure the output image is accurate, clear, and excessive uniform. Its restoration level of printing pattern is high, which has excellent quality.

Ink supply link is designed according to food industry standard, single head independent ink supply (ink cartridge needs to design thermostatic protection device or ink road according to food industry requirements automatic cleaning function, equipment stop, ink return function), food grade ink supply system, which is more in line with food production line demand.

It has adjustable printing width, and the printing width is 108mm, according to the needs of adjustment, splicing, to meet customer production needs. It supports color or monochrome printing, and is more reliable precise alignment, leading technology. It is suitable for different shapes of food surface printing.

The powerful EKIND output software and custom UI interface are used more smoothly. Digital online high-speed printing, supports online printing and scanning the QR code to upload pictures. The equipment is simple operation, adjustable speed, and low noise, which can provide customized inkjet scheme for various food surface image printing.

FOOD PRINTING™ is concentration, research, and professional. The spirit of the craftsman is applied to the equipment research and development, which the excellence in detail.

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