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What do We Mean When We Talk About Food Printing

Date: 2018-12-21
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A very hot topic, personalized food printing. A large amount of network flow is concentrated in 3D food printing. Although there are multiple research and development bases in China, no mature case yet. The technical problem is stuck in the food raw materials, and everything can be printed in the concept. The application of pizza, pork and pastry has been put on the agenda. However, due to its high cost, audiences are curious about the printed food while worrying about its safety and taste. So it's commercial application is limited. But there is no denying that 3D food printing has given us a vision of a better future, and the value of the project itself has been reflected.


If 3D food printing tends to textbook concept, then printing patterns on glutinous rice paper and then decorating food will have more applications. Now there is an edible film instead of glutinous rice paper, combined with edible ink printing, applied in the field of star lollipop, photo sugar, etc., which has won praise from partners.


The simple and practical way is to print the patterns on the food surface through the printer, without changing the original composition of the food, only adding the edible link on the production line, and using edible ink for color printing. FOOD PRINTING developed China's first generation of imported food printer, using food grade ink system, whose printing accuracy up to 600dpi, printing speed up to 70 meters per minute, built-in WiFi, and scanning code to upload pictures for printing. It has epoch-making event in food surface graphic printing solutions.


In the era of personalized demand expansion, opportunities will always run into those who are prepared. Food printing still has a long way to go. Growth will never stop and technology will keep improving.

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