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The development of network information technology makes it more convenient for people to get information. Intelligent manufacturing has gradually come into everyone's life. There is no limit to the creation of tomorrow's world will be more wonderful, each of us should keep a good imagination.The deepening of globalization, let us see the world's advanced and developed, good products and technology. It is now popular to print a pattern directly from edible ink and place it on a biscuit to complete the decoration and make it completely edible. This has led to a new wave of creativity in the food industry. As the first generation of edible food printing application in China, the first generation of online food printer developed by FOOD PRINTING™ has been applied to the food produc...
Published: 2019 - 01 - 21
Views: 52
Food surface graphic printing has created a new food trend, but also triggered people's infinite imagination of the future life. The realization of food graphic printing endows food industry with new connotation. Colorful colors and customized patterns give new ideas to solidified foods. Advanced equipment, innovative software research and development, a variety of applications, to meet the curiosity of consumers and personalized needs. The emergence of food printers can help food enterprises solve the problem of difficult creativity.The online food printer was born out of a collision of ideas. Once the first generation of laser printers in the 1960s, with epoch-making significance. Technology to change the world is not just a slogan, but the world's practice. Over time, printers h...
Published: 2019 - 01 - 21
Views: 15
When you open the package and see an ice cream bar with an emoticon on it, and look at the children's surprise and lovely smile, do you feel the magic of science and technology and feel that life is also very wonderful?Coffee latte art, fruit prints character because of edible ink appear, ignite explode the market, the demand of people to individuation product is increasing ceaselessly. Online food printer, solved the food on the market blank of printing equipment, food grade ink system, print accuracy of up to 600 dpi, printing speed up to 75 m per minute, to achieve industrial production level, print mapping effect is good, and can provide a wide range of food printing solutions, will help the food companies to redefine the market, in food production and processing link, into more ge...
Published: 2019 - 01 - 21
Views: 32
Design major students know that with three basic colors, one can mix all the colors. Each of our printed manuscripts needs to be converted to CMYK four-color mode, because all the printing colors are mixed by these four colors, and finally we can achieve the stunning visual effect. Artists use color to create wonderful paintings. Color has content and texture. Apply color to the surface of a food and it becomes a work of art. FOOD PRINTING™s’ online food printer, the application of inkjet printing principle, the use of edible ink to print, to decorate a variety of food patterns and text, the achievement of different food. Edible ink is not the real ink, but a food additive, is healthy, completely edible. Edible ink r & d production process is not simple. All ink must be edible ing...
Published: 2018 - 12 - 21
Views: 91
In 2010, personalized food printing was widely used in Europe and Japan, and the printing market became more and more segmented. China's first online food printer, developed by FOOD PRINTING™, is already in production. What's amazing about this device?FOOD PRINTING™, committed to food printing equipment research and development and technical innovation, has a professional R&D team, in the spirit of ingenuity, to create fine printing equipment. The most important sprinkler head of the printing equipment is the food-grade sprinkler head, whose amazing performance enables customers to enjoy efficient printing; This product adopts all-steel structure nozzle, its minimum drop ink 7pl, which has higher printing accuracy, strong abrasion resistance, and smooth printing. And it also me...
Published: 2018 - 12 - 21
Views: 22
Technology has changed our lives. We can all feel the convenience brought by technology to our lives. Each new element is designed to make human life better. This is the best time, because everyone is using technology, and every innovative research and development of technology products, there is a chance to succeed.FOODART®, a science and technology based innovation enterprises, is committed to the online food printer research and development, production, sales, and online food printer in the food industry applications to provide solutions. FOODART® is also a pioneering and innovative enterprises, actively carry out school-enterprise cooperation, co-construction of R&D platform, the establishment of production, learning, research integration of the technology innovation...
Published: 2018 - 12 - 21
Views: 13
The first generation of online food inkjet printer developed by FOOD PRINTING™ is a set of food printing equipment supporting the production line of food, providing online food graphic printing solutions. This equipment is suitable for different shapes of cookies, ice cream, ice cream and other surface pattern printing. Digital online printing is high-speed, 75m per minute, and its printing width is 108mm, which can also be adjusted according to requirement. It is stable performance, simple operation and low noise. It supports different types of objects, printing patterns clear, and being easy to customize all kinds of graphics and text, to present your creativity.Based on edible ink, not through wafer transfer printing, printing directly on the food surface, do people photos, web design, ...
Published: 2018 - 12 - 21
Views: 9
Printing interesting patterns on food is no longer just a concept. FOOD PRINTING ™ has been in practice on the road full of harvest, the first generation of suitable for industrial production line printers print online FOOD available. The single appearance of food field will never come back, and more interesting and diversified food will occupy people's vision. Merchants don't have to photoshop food emojis to promote their products, because any expression or pattern you want can be printed on a printer. Food-grade ink supply system and fully edible ink, can help you achieve a variety of interesting food creative programs. Good ideas have business value, good ideas into reality, your business value can become a real cash flow. Dream FOOD PRINTING ™ help enterprises to realize i...
Published: 2018 - 12 - 21
Views: 14
A very hot topic, personalized food printing. A large amount of network flow is concentrated in 3D food printing. Although there are multiple research and development bases in China, no mature case yet. The technical problem is stuck in the food raw materials, and everything can be printed in the concept. The application of pizza, pork and pastry has been put on the agenda. However, due to its high cost, audiences are curious about the printed food while worrying about its safety and taste. So it's commercial application is limited. But there is no denying that 3D food printing has given us a vision of a better future, and the value of the project itself has been reflected. If 3D food printing tends to textbook concept, then printing patterns on glutinous rice paper and then decor...
Published: 2018 - 12 - 21
Views: 33
Around us, the network celebrity is everywhere, their ability of influence can’t be underestimated, and there is always someone thriving in every field. Such influence is inevitable in the food industry. Who can bring new vitality to this ancient industry? Generally speaking, the most attractive part of a food is its delicious taste. Food enterprises connect their inspiration with their love for food and make food more interesting and creative by printing pictures of food surface. The creative food with emojis is web celebrity system, exaggerated and interesting emojis, not only on the discarded packaging, but printed on the surface of food, with edible ink printing, rich colors, customized patterns, completely edible, make food full of temptation.Through food printing, the creativity...
Published: 2018 - 12 - 21
Views: 21
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