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Multinational talent development strategy, efficient and flexible human resources management system, creating an outstanding professional, professional design personnel, the full realization of the company's development strategy and personal development strategy.

  • Production staff (10 persons)
    Published: 2019-01-10

    Hard-working, healthy, under 40 years old,

    We can give you:

    Double weekend holiday, social insurances (Wuhan City standard), lunch subsidy, festival holiday gift, national statutory holidays, irregular team building activities, staff birthday party, etc.

    We believe: A reasonable promotion system, you have enough development space in the company

    Work hours: 8:30-17:30, weekends.

    Contact: Ms. Deng +86-17343207137

    Email: joanzhangkyh@163.com

    Address: Room 1906, #9 Guanggu Headquarter International Building, No. 62 Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, Hubei Province, 430074, China.

  • Sales staff (5 persons)
    Published: 2019-01-10

    Job Description:

    1. The company will provide certain customer resources and contact customers to make a deal by phone.

    2. Developed customers on the Internet or phone.

    3. Sales experience in ink and film material is preferred


    1. Short-term business trips are acceptable

    2. Good expression ability, good communication skills and reaction ability.

    3. Strong sense of responsibility and enterprise, active, hard-working, strong team spirit

    4. Familiar with Windows office software.

  • Electrical Mechanical Engineer (3 persons)
    Published: 2018-12-04

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Purchase after comparative analysis of domestic suppliers.

    2. After-sales service of on-line printer equipment.

    3. Find suppliers for outsourcing production.

    4. Salesman training, sales support and after-sales installation.


    1. College degree or above (excellent candidates are less limited in education background), major of mechanical and electrical engineering is needed.

    2. Be familiar with various electromechanical equipment, accept short-term business trips, and have strong communication skills.

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