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Applications Case
Case Candy Printing
Description: China is the world's second largest confectionery market after the United States. In 2017, the total retail sales of confectionery reached 85 billion yuan, which is expected to continue to rise at an annual compound rate of 3.2%. Six of the global marshmallow brands are Chinese enterprises. As a segment of the confectionery market, marshmallow still has a huge development space. Technical principle:Pure white and pure color marshmallow occupy a large number of markets, consumers tend to brand consumption, to small and medium-sized marshmallow manufacturers bring huge impact. In the era of consumption upgrading, traffic is king. How to change the appearance of products and upgrade the appearance level of products has become a direction of innovation? Food Printing™ is an integrated...
Description: With the improvement of people's living standard, ice cream (ice cream) as a fast moving consumer goods, people's consumption demand, habits and preferences for ice cream also change accordingly.The consumers of ice cream are children and young people, who have a great demand for the market. Only when enterprises have a deep understanding of consumers' habits and demands, can they help ice cream enterprises to design ice cream in line with people's tastes and formulate effective marketing plans. Food Printing™ technology from the dynamic needs of consumers, to help the ice cream industry in the market to find new, valuable market segments, to meet the changing consumer psychology and consumer demand. Technical principle:Rollers, brick-like designs, have failed to attra...
Case name: Cake Printing
Description: The arrival of the Internet era has brought great development opportunities to the traditional food industry. While the sales volume is doubling, it also needs to face more homogenization competition. However, the purchase demand of consumers is becoming more and more personalized and customized. Technical principle:Because pastry is delicious, rich variety, and suitable for young and old, the pastry industry rapidly develops. There are divided into Chinese cakes and western cakes. Although it is still popular among the youth, there is no much breakthrough in its shape and aesthetic. Most of the cakes are white and pure color, and less nice patterns. Food Printing™ is an integrated new technology enterprises for on-line food printing equipment with research and development, production...
Description: Cookies industry has a long history, the earliest is as a long-term navigation or war in emergency food, with the development of mechanical technology, began to develop rapidly around the world.Biscuit is a common snack, as a snack or add diet, easy to use and easy to carry, has become an indispensable food in daily life. Technical principle:In recent years, the biscuit industry has focused on the research and development of different types of biscuit varieties, and made great efforts in raw materials and different flavors. A large number of emerging sandwich biscuits and cereal biscuits have emerged. Board printing technology, Food Printing™ is an integrated new technology enterprises for on-line food printing equipment with research and development, production, and sales together. T...
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