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When protein powder, carbohydrates, and sugar are printed together, humans create a kind of edible additives, created totally through food printers. Cakes and macarons seem to witness almost all the happy times in people's lives. People like put delicious cakes in all birthdays, festivals, celebrations and weddings. Now food can also be 'printed' at will, greatly simplifying the food production process. It is the future of the food processing industry.


Using Online food inkjet printer, we can reproduce full-color characters, logos, pictures and so on in bright colors.


From batch production type that can be incorporated into the production line, from small batch production type to edible film/sheet compatible type. We will develop, manufacture, sell and keep the maintenance of edible printers and special inks to meet customer needs.

There are three edible inks. It only use the food additives allowed by the National Food Hygiene Law as the raw materials for our production of ink.

You can choose the ink according to the type of food and product image.

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